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Access to the Bank during the pandemic-November 2020


The results of our annual MIRA ISB 2020 Survey – Banking Satisfaction Indicators are available.

The survey took place in February 2020, and is the result of  4,300 interviews carried out with the banked population residing in the 4 main Angolan provinces.

MIRA ISB is an annual study that focuses exclusively on the banking sector, listening to the opinion of Angolans about the banks with which they usually interact.

This study is a tool that allows Angolan banks to better understand the way in which current and potential customers position and evaluate them, also providing comprehensive information about the customer's relationship with the main bank.


Advertising Recall - TOP 5 Brands - December 2019


Advertising Recall Study

MIRA Survey - December 2019 - 2167 interviews


Results available!

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