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Access to the Bank during the pandemic-November 2020


The company MIRA carried out a Survey in November 2020, among 954 Banked Individuals, over 20 years old, in Luanda and Provinces, with the aim of better understanding the form of relationship with the Bank during the Pandemic period.

  • 88% indicate that they usually go to the Agency

  • 82% say they have a Multicaixa card

  • 20% indicate they have Multicaixa Express

  • 15% say they have Internet Banking


Although 82% indicate that they have a Multicaixa Card, around 46% say that they are using the Multicaixa Card less often during this period.

41% point to the lack of money as the main reason for using Multicaixa less frequently.


33% of those interviewed say they are experiencing difficulty accessing the Bank during this period of the Pandemic, with long queues both at the counter and at Multicaixa being the main cause of difficulty.


Link to the news in the Expansão newspaper 

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