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TOTAL: 1750

Luanda - 1750

PCA Study 2018

mira pca.jpg

Angolan Consumer Profile

The MIRA TV study reveals detailed information about television audiences in Angola every six months. These results are of extreme interest to all television professionals, advertising agencies, advertisers and all those who wish to communicate effectively with the Angolan consumer.

Surveys take place every six months. The results obtained are treated statistically in accordance with international standards that must be met to obtain audience data.

The results of the MIRA TV 2023 survey were obtained by applying a telephone survey to a sample of 2500 individuals aged 15 or over, living in Luanda, Benguela, Huíla and Huambo.

This expanded sample made it possible to obtain reliable results and reveal the habits of Angolans living in the provinces of Benguela, Huambo and Huíla with regard to television viewing.


Main indicators

  • Occupation/Profession

  • Instruction

  • Bank accounts

  • Consumption habits

  • Free time habits

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