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COVID-19 Survey - March 2020


MIRA conducted a telephone survey regarding the behaviors and attitudes of Luandenses aged 15+ during the State of Emergency period, with 584 people interviewed.

The study reveals that the majority of respondents show concern about the disease (92% reported being worried or very worried), with the main reason for concern being the possibility of becoming infected with COVID 19 (their own or family members) .

Regarding the quarantine imposed by the State of Emergency, what respondents miss most is the possibility of leading a “normal life” (67%); Socializing with other people is another aspect mentioned.

During this period the most frequent activity has been watching television. The news stands out in terms of the type of program watched (91%), films/series (21%) and soap operas (18%) appear below.

In terms of the internet, 32% of respondents reported having started using the internet more.

Of the active population interviewed, around half are not working because they have been laid off or unable to do so (it should be noted that this includes formal and informal occupations). 25% of those interviewed are working normally, albeit with a reduced working period or teleworking.

Link to the news in the newspaper O País

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