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FinScope Angola 2022 Enquiry Report to Consumers


The FinScope Angola 2022 Consumer Survey is a reliable reference for analysing indicators of financial inclusion in Angola, namely banking access and the use of mobile payments.

This study is a valuable resource for developing effective strategies based on reliable evidence, obtained following a rigorous methodology.

Finscope is held regularly in other countries such as South Africa, Mozambique, Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, etc.


Finscope Angola 2022 Methodology:

  • Angola's adult population in 2022 was estimated at 18.28 million (15+ years).

  • The survey sample is representative at national, provincial and urban/rural levels.

  • The interviews were carried out in person with the support of tablets (CAPI)

  • The survey was carried out by MIRA (between October and December 2022)

  • 6,237 interviews were approved, exceeding the target of 6,000.

Finscope is a product of Finmark Trust, an organisation that aims to help less developed countries find solutions that allow better financial inclusion for the most disadvantaged populations. 


Access link to the Finscope Angola 2022 Pocket Guide

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